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Businesses are among those who’re actively seeking the best deals to remain strong in today’s economic climate.

used office furniture


Taking care of those all important pennies means we, as a nation, have taken to online platforms to shop around for the best deals in everything from holidays, insurance to interior décor and even office furnishings!


Studies show comfortable working environments has a strong impact on employee performances and play an imperative role in the productivity of any business.

There’s many factors which come into ensuring working environments are being used to the best of their abilities. These include commonly overlooked aspects of the workplace such as lighting, air conditioning, furniture, noise, spatial arrangement and health & safety.

With this in mind, we’ve assessed 5 reasons why you should invest in used office furniture for your business:

  • Cost efficiency

Some believe the old saying “if you buy cheap, you buy twice”. Not true.

If you’re buying second hand furniture you’re buying sturdy, long-lasting furniture which was far too good to spend the rest of its days in landfill. All used, resold furniture is in sound, resalable condition and comes in at a good price, proving cost efficiency in your business.

  •  Used office furniture allows minimal depreciation.

The resale value on brand new office-ware is significantly less than on used office furniture. – Think about it; once something’s second hand, it’s second hand. The price really won’t drop much lower than what you initially paid for it.

Remember: the chances are, the used office furniture you’re purchasing is likely to have come from high calibre businesses who’re simply re-vamping their décor. It’s far from broken and usually in very good condition.

  • Professionalism

In business, it’s important that your employees working environments are both comfortable and professional.

A professional working environment has proven to psychologically bring better performances from staff. A few simple tweaks and thoughtful arrangements improves staff motivation, subsequently gaining the absolute best performances from your employees.

A professional tone also aids in your companies reputation.

People are far more likely to buy and trust a company which visually looks professional and well designed: it really sets one company aside from its competitors.

  • Environmentally friendly

We’re living in a society where we’re constantly encouraged and praised for reducing our carbon footprints.

Many of us are jumping on the carbon-efficient band-wagon: boycotting plastic bags, recycling our waste and refraining from the droppings of litter.

An adaptation of our economic well-being is extending to restoration. From vehicles to clothing to furniture, we’re now in a society where creative restoration is becoming growingly popular.

Re-upholstered, restored used office furniture is a great way of contributing to a healthier environment.

  • Creative freedom

Purchasing used office furniture can allow more creativity among your workforce.

Involving staff in office design creates an element of to team work and really drives staff to take pride in the place they’re working in.

This is a more strategic way of increasing staff productivity as you’re engaging them in office structures, allowing them to get their creative juices flowing and increasing team morale.

Alongside this, you’re also able to put your own bespoke business stamp on the design elements of your workspace.

Any business can reap the benefits

Used furniture outlets sell furniture to fit virtually any business environment. From used school desks to refurbished reception seating to used boardroom furniture: used furniture outlets have a lot of quality stock available to suit all kinds of businesses.