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As well as stocking everything you need for your office, we also offer a complete design and installation service

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When the coronavirus pandemic struck a lot of people were required to quickly set up a workstation at home. Initially it was envisaged that home working would only last for the period of the pandemic and once things opened up people would return to the office. This meant in many cases people used dining rooms, kitchens or any other household space available as a workstation. However, working from home proved so successful, that a lot of employers have decided that it is how they will operate going forward. While using normal household furniture to work on might have been ok in the short term, it is not ideal as along term solution. As a result, most people now required to work from home are looking to create a specific office space in their property. Here at Pennington’s we have a comprehensive range of office furniture suitable for use in a home office environment. Irrespective of whether you are looking for a desk, ergonomic office chair or storage cabinets we can help. To get all the information on our complete range of home office furniture and how we can help make home working a comfortable and productive experience call our team today.

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Complete Installation Service

With over 50 year’s experience of supplying furniture and seating to customers throughout the North West and Nationwide, we can provide a complete installation service, ensuring the right corporate look and working environment for you and your clients!

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