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Simple: Revamp your office!

USed office furniture

Improve your workforces health and productivity, cost-efficiently and effectively with Penningtons Office Furniture.

At the height of customer satisfaction, here at Pennington’s we’ve devised a simple, efficient and basic strategy you can easily adapt to your workspace to see workplace productivity and staff performances rocket as a result of investing in used office furniture.

From the beginning…

It may come as no surprise to learn how staff are more likely to be inspired in a creatively structured office as opposed to a plain magnolia shell.

Think of it this way, imagine you’re a consumer and you’re window shopping around your local high-street. What makes you enter a particular shop?

Do you enter because its the first shop you see?

Do you enter because you like the pop song which is booming through high velocity speakers and filling the high-street?

Probably not. As humans, you’re enticed by colour, light, style… Vision.

Now, come back to your office. Imagine your workforce sat in the dismal, dreary, dull office for the vast majority of their week.

Do you think they’d be more productive in an innovatively, strategically structured workspace, manufactured to enhance your workforces performances? Probably…Makes sense.

Now, you can achieve the look, the vision and the style with creatively and carefully selected used office furniture direct from Penningtons Office Furniture today.

What’s more: getting the right office furniture can be more cost-effective than you’d initially think.

Used office furniture outlets can really save you money, time and effort.

Buying second hand furniture, you’d probably expect charity-shop-tat to arrive on your door step.

You’re wrong.

The chances are, the office furniture stocked in used office furniture outlets are probably from high calibre businesses who’s simply had a workspace revamp. You’re buying this used furniture at a fraction of its RRP- it’s a steal!

What’s more; used office furniture is sturdy, reliable and comes with a guarantee so you receive all the benefits of new office furniture at a fraction of the price!

Our advice is simple: before throwing your companies money at brand-new office furniture, consider used office furniture to ensure your company has a better tomorrow by saving money today in our current economic climate.

Used office furniture? It’s the way forward. Invest today, save money and get the most from your employee’s with Penningtons Office Furniture.