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Although the Sirius range walnut colour looks different in several pictures, this is just the lighting where the picture has been taken. All the walnut desking on every picture is the same colour. We offer this exciting range in many forms of functionality such as boardrooms tables, pedestal desks and ergonomic desks. Because of the outstanding quality and longevity of this range, they are one of our more expensive ranges of furniture but it’s no surprise with how aesthetically pleasing they look.

Choose Penningtons for Sirius Furniture Range

Whether you want an ergonomic Sirius range desk that almost has a futurist look or you require a more basic boardroom table, we can help you get this sorted as quickly as possible. All of our prices listed don’t include VAT.

Are you looking for more information about our sirius furniture range? Here at Penningtons, we take great pride in helping our customers along the customer journey before they buy, so they can be fully satisfied with their purchase. Call us today on 0800 688 9018 or fill out our form!