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A touch of class for the modern office

Penningtons supplies beautiful walnut office furniture that is certain to look fantastic in any workspace.  Lovingly carved by master craftsmen to the very highest standards, our luxurious pieces of walnut office furniture ooze effortless style and elegance and their glossy dark appearance encapsulates a sublime combination of opulence and traditional charm which exudes an attractive and charming aged impression.  So if you’d like a piece of walnut furniture for your office, we can help to make it happen.

Another option for the more traditional office environment is mahogany.  Like walnut, mahogany office furniture is the perfect option for home offices that are more old-fashioned in appearance.  Mahogany office furniture lends a graceful sense of elegance and style to your office no matter what item of furniture it is.  Mahogany is also an extremely tough and durable type of wood that, if properly cared-for, can last and remain functional for many centuries.
walnut office furniture

If you prefer, we also supply a highly attractive range of beech office furniture.  Similarly light in appearance to pine, beech is also an appropriate option for more natural, minimalist and contemporary office environments.  The light colouring of the wood provides a calming feel which is absolutely perfect for a peaceful and contented office workspace.  If you want to introduce a sense of organic airiness to your office then you can do a lot worse than putting beech office furniture at the very top of your list.

As well as providing new pieces, Penningtons also supplies used home office furniture if you’re on a budget and can’t bear the thought of such beautiful pieces of furniture going to waste.  All the furniture we supply is made of the finest wood supplied from sustainable sources by master craftsmen.  Our furniture is also made in many different sizes so it can be accommodated in just about any space you so wish.  If you want to give our stunning range of wooden used home office furniture or pieces of newly-made walnut, mahogany or beech furniture a new home, then have a look to see what catches your eye.